Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Twilight Room

Our third bedroom has been nicknamed the Twilight Room. When we first viewed the house, it was completely empty except for 2 Twilight posters and a Panic at the Disco poster. I'm really into Twilight (not fan obsessed like some people though), so I said it was a sign. All of the other rooms were easy to name, but "Bedroom 3" or "Other Guest Bedroom" doesn't sound as good as Twilight Room, so the name stuck.

The room was occupied by a tween girl before we bought it. She painted the room to fit her tween-y tastes. The doors were purple and black, the trim was pinky-maroon, and the walls were purple with thick black vertical stripes. And the wall-to-wall carpet is bright blue. Scary. My mother-in-law called it the Beetlejuice Room and said it scared her.
This weekend R's sisters came to visit and see the house for the first time. They were itching to paint. Since I didn't really have anything that needed paint, we decided to have them put primer over the purple, maroon and black, to calm the room down a little bit. What a difference it made!
The room is a decent sized bedroom (smaller than the other two, but those two are abnormally large). It even has a pretty large closet. For now the room is going to be used as R's office and extra storage, and in the future it will be a baby nursery. I'm thinking of painting it yellow, for two reasons. One, we already have the paint leftover from the apartment, and two, when it's a baby's room, we can just keep it yellow. One window faces east, the other faces south, so it's actually very bright in this room for most of the day.. I can't imagine how bright and cheerful it'll be when it's yellow!

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