Saturday, September 25, 2010

All Moved In!

Dining Room
This morning we went over to the house very early because the Comcast guy was coming between 8 and 11 (not 11 and 1 like we thought). After a little bit, R left me at the house to clean and wait, while they went and started loading the truck. My uncle showed up at the house and started working on some plumbing for us. Turns out we need to clean out our Kitchen sink waste pipe.. it's clogged up with black grossness! When they went to the apartment to help pack/move, I started cleaning the fridge. For now we're planning on using the existing refrigerator, to save some money. It's in good shape, just disgustingly dirty! Well, a whole bottle of Soft Scrub later, it's sparkling! Now I'll put food in it!

The first load of furniture and boxes arrived and were unpacked very quickly! Then we all headed back to the house and loaded up again. Then me, R and his brother went down to my client's house to get the washer and dryer. When we arrived back at the house, pizza from Randy's was waiting for us! Yum yum! The washer and dryer went upstairs without any problems, but the box spring for our bed was another story. It was about a half an inch too big to fit up the front stairs, so I came up with the idea that maybe it could fit up the back stairs if we went in through the shed. Well, about an hour and 2 taken apart stair treads later, it didn't fit. I was telling my mom about this and she said that my cousin and her husband cut theirs in half and then bolted it back together to get it in their house, so maybe we'll try that tomorrow. For now everyone is exhausted! We have way too much stuff!!
Living Room
Guest Bedroom
Master Bedroom

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