Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Office

While the guys were downstairs working on the sill and the door, I was upstairs painting my office. Last night at Lowe's (Trip #4 for Saturday), I picked out a paint color spontaneously with my mom. It's a really light, bright color, which will make the space seem bigger. Add that with the soon-to-be white trim, and you have a beautiful office space!

So remember when I said how easy it was to take down the wallpaper in the office? I thought it would take a whole day and it only took about 2 hours. Well, the room made up for that time we thought we gained. It's taking about 4 coats of white to cover the trim, which is fun, especially on the built-in bookcase and the fireplace. And for the walls, I have to wash them with TSP, then sand them to get rid of the leftover pieces of wallpaper, then wash them again, then fill in the holes and imperfections, then sand again. Five hours later, I get to paint that wall. AHHH! AND, the beams have peeling paint on them, so if it's lead paint, it'll need to get removed, or if it's not, it'll need to get sanded. Either way, it's not something I could do today.
This is all I got done today. All day. This room is going to drive me crazy!

Oh, and look what my uncle found in the walls of the Kitchen... Cute, huh?


  1. Wow, nice set of mice you have there ;-). I was looking through your posts trying to find pictures of that giant kitchen fireplace you have, discovered this post, and just had to comment. That's quite the project you have on your hands, but it's going to be beautiful when it's all done!

    I would love to see more pictures of your kitchen fireplace, if you have a spare moment and think of it. Also, do you have a floorplan sketch of your first floor? My husband and I are planning to build a house next year and we are looking for ideas. I always wanted to remodel an old house, but my husband wasn't brave enough!

  2. Hi! Thanks... the mice aren't so nice when they're alive and in your kitchen/dining room... ick. :) My uncle just loves grossing me out though.

    I can definitely take some more kitchen fireplace pictures.. it's still a work in progress so I haven't taken any in awhile (I'm in the middle of painting it), so if you'll excuse the mess it is, I'll gladly post pictures!

    I do have floor plans. I'm an architect so as soon as we closed on the house I measured it and drew it up. I was thinking about putting plans up on here. Let me know if you need any help designing your future house... I know a lot of "old" floor plans because we looked at a bunch of old houses, all from different times/styles.

    As for remodeling an old house... we're both architects and have a good idea of the amount of work and time involved in things and even we feel like we're in over our heads sometimes! It's not an easy thing to do! Like, for example, we're still living out of boxes in only a couple rooms of the house.. The Dining Room looks basically the same as it did when we moved in... boxes everywhere! It's an adventure and I just keep telling myself that in 10 years I'll look back on this and think about how much fun it was (though I'm having a hard time thinking that now sometimes).