Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lots of Painting Progress!

Woah... we definitely tackled some painting today! My sisters-in law wanted to paint again, so the three of us went to Lowe's to find a paint color for the Guest Room. I think I want the Twilight Room to be a nice yellow (it'll be a future baby nursery, so I figure we'll just paint it yellow now instead of when the time comes), and the Office is the blue-green, so we wanted to find something that went well with both colors. We unanimously decided on a light sage green from Valspar called Lyndhurst Shady Grove. It looks amazing! The room went from being overloaded with pink (the reflection off of all of the pink (walls, rug, curtains) was so bad that R was convinced for days that the ceiling was also painted pink), to being a beautiful serene Guest Room. Which is good because in 2 weeks our mover helpers will be sleeping in there!
In Progress
In Progress

It's so bright and inviting in there now! We didn't paint the trim because it looked like it was in good enough condition, but now that the rest of the room is painted it looks like it could be touched up a bit. But who knows when we'll get to that..
While they were painting the Guest Room, I was next door painting the Office again. Day 5. Ugh. But the good news is that the paint on the beams passed the lead paint test... No lead! So R has the go-ahead to sand those down so I can paint. Who knows when he'll get to it though. We're getting down to the wire here... we need to start moving in soon!

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