Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets

Looking around the house at the end of the day, I was shocked to realize that we've only spent 2 weeks working in the house, and look how much we accomplished! It seems like it's been longer than that because technically it's been 2 months since closing, but in reality, we've only spent 15 days physically working in the house (and 2 of those days don't count because we didn't really get anything done). Crazy!

Today we got to the house early and R primed the Kitchen so it would be dry and ready for cabinets when my dad and uncle arrived. We also met our other next door neighbor Dot, who said she was very happy to have next door neighbors because no one had lived there for so long. She also thanked us for leaving our exterior lights on at night because it made her feel safer. She was really nice.
And here is my Kitchen... well, about 1/8 of it. They're not the best cabinets, but they'll work for now. They look good, so that's something! We were a little disappointed with the corner lazy susan cabinet, which isn't 36"x36" like the sticker says... there's a big gap between the cabinet and the wall, which is strange, and wasted space, but whatever. A lazy susan is better than butting two cabinets against each other, creating a deep cabinet where things will get lost.  The gap to the left is where the range will go, and the open area on the right is where the dishwasher will be. To make everything go quicker and easier, I chose cabinets that would place plumbing fixtures and appliances in pretty much the same place they were originally so we wouldn't have to do a ton of plumbing and electrical work. 
The not 36"x36" corner cabinet. Still much more functional than a non-corner cabinet though!

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