Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have an almost new Kitchen!!! It's amazing what a difference drywall makes... This house keeps amazing me.. just a fresh coat of paint or something small makes such a big difference. I love it!

Today while I was upstairs painting (guess where), R, my dad and my uncle put up drywall in the Kitchen. They did a great job. It was R's first time, and he did all of the taping and mudding. It looks awesome.
While they were doing that, and while I was painting, MIL and SIL were helping me out upstairs cleaning up the bedrooms. They washed the floors in the front two bedrooms and they look amazing now! SIL also helped me paint some trim in the office.

My mom stopped by around lunch with Subway for everyone, which we ate while sitting on folding chairs in the backyard :)

After lunch, us girls headed over to Middletown to move as many boxes as we could. We made two trips (three cars each time) and brought over a ton of stuff! I was so proud of us! We made a ton of progress. We even brought over a box of Madison's toys and her chair/bed. She was so happy. She jumped on it and started whining and crying and rolling around on it. We wish we got a picture of it. I love how the chair looks in the room... the brown with the green.

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