Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Coat of Shady Grove

I FINALLY put the second coat of paint on the Guest Room walls today! Almost 10 months after the first coat got put on! R's sisters painted the first coat back in September last year, the weekend before we moved in. Things of course got crazy and over the next couple weeks the room became a storage room for boxes and furniture that belonged in rooms I was in the middle of painting. My Office finally got painted and the Guest Room got emptied out a bit. Once the Twilight Room was finished I was able to unpack almost all of the boxes. We had to set up my bed and push things out of the way every once in awhile when we had guests, and because furniture had been moved in and set up, I never got around to doing that second coat. Over Fourth of July weekend we brought R's childhood bed down from Massachusetts. I was about to set it up last week when I realized that now is the time to finally finish up this room! And it took me only a couple hours.

It has been really hot here all week and actually this worked in my favor. The paint dried extremely fast! I would move a piece of furniture out from the wall, paint that wall, move on to the next section, and by the time I had to move the furniture out of my way, I was able to put it back in it's place. Despite the heat (and constant breaks for water), I finished in about 3 hours. And that included all of the furniture moving and a small ant issue (Last summer while I was painting, I noticed a lot of carpenter ants coming out of this room into my Office. Couldn't figure out where they were coming from though. Today I figured it out and gave it a good spraying of my handy new bug killing spray. Bye bye ants.). The room isn't completely cleaned and set up yet, but here are some pictures of it with some furniture and a complete paint job. (Ignore the boxes, mess and fact that one bed doesn't have a mattress on it)

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