Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Front Hall/Staircase

One of our larger upcoming projects is the front hall (upstairs and downstairs) and the front stairs. I don't have a paint color picked out yet, but I'm leaning towards a light, neutral color, either a light beige or gray. The color will have to match four rooms (two bedrooms (green and blue), the Living Room (tan) and the Dining Room (gray-blue). All of the trim and the stairs will be painted white. I'm still undecided about what to do with the treads. They currently have old boring carpet on them, which is also in the upstairs front hall. I haven't decided yet if I want to get a runner and install wood flooring upstairs (it's plywood upstairs under the carpet) or leave it wood and stain it. We'll also be re-painting the front door and installing two new light fixtures (one downstairs on the wall next to the closet and one upstairs centered on the stairs/hall). And the biggest project will be replacing the ceiling. It's old plaster and is all cracked and peeling. Painting the ceiling and walls will be fun too.. yay..

Here are some "before" pictures, taken when we first viewed the house last year (stuff in pictures isn't ours).
Looking in from the Dining Room
This was the ceiling a year ago.. it's only getting worse..
Our old-fashioned doorbell
I love this shelf! I'm not sure what to put on it though. Any suggestions?
The upstairs Front Hall
Looking in at the Guest Bedroom


  1. Hey, found you on The Fence, just wanted to stop by and say that you have one awesome blog. :)

    Every available shelf in our house is filled with books, so that would be my entirely too obvious first answer.

    I think that you could do a lot with a shelf like this. You could always go with a stretched unframed canvas of a painting, photograph or print you really love and have it casually leaning against the wall as the prev. owners did with that clock. If it was a piece that spoke to you & the house it would be great to see it every time someone went downstairs.

  2. Hah, gotta love hitting post prematurely!

    If you prefer a traditional look you could always add some trim/molding to finish the shelf, mount a picture, mirror etc on the wall above the shelf and use the shelf itself to display curios, knick-knacks/decor items and the like as long as there is no risk of the items being knocked down inadvertently;could go the decorative route with pottery or glasswares mixed with ecclectic memoribilia or display items that are unique to you.

    We have a similar ledge shelf in our loft in an L shape and we are using it for overflow books, our globestand, and a few random items (like a sextant we found at an estate sale) that we really have nowhere else to display.

  3. Hi Martina,

    Glad you enjoy the blog and the house!!

    Books are always my first answer too... I'm sure my husband is sick of the books I have piled on every surface. I like your idea of an unframed canvas.. there are some prints by Warren Kimball that I love and was thinking of purchasing to hang in the staircase.. maybe I'll buy one big one and lean it on the shelf (with some books next to it) :)