Monday, July 18, 2011

Coop Progress

This weekend we got a lot of work done on the coop. 

On Saturday R installed the insulation and plywood on the walls. For now we just insulated the walls that are inside the coop area. We were originally going to insulate all of the walls and ceiling, but now we're thinking we might just get some sheets of rigid foam insulation to put on top of the coop and to put on the interior wall during the winter. It'll be a lot easier to keep just that part warm in the winter.
Sunday, I installed the vinyl flooring and started putting up the chicken wire. I used a roll of vinyl flooring from Lowe's, which was very easy to install. Rather than buying the $25 container of flooring adhesive, I bought a $9 roll of flooring tape, which I used on all of the exposed edges. And I didn't even use half of it. Cheaper and quicker than the flooring adhesive.
The chicken wire is actually plastic poultry mesh. We bought it about a month ago, with the intention to build them a little outside area to play in while they were still small. We never built it because I was too scared about them being picked up by a hawk (I really shouldn't read stuff online... it makes me paranoid). The roll we bought is 3'x25', which is perfect.. I have 4 sections that are 3' wide and 6' tall.
I ended up breaking our staple gun, and R wasn't home when I broke it (of course). I tried to fix it, but I've never really used it before so I'm not sure what was wrong, other than that the staples weren't coming out anymore. I think it might be jammed or something. By the time R got home it was late and we were both exhausted, so he said he'd fix it for me tonight. So I didn't get to finish putting up the wire, and the chicks still aren't able to move into their new home. Patrick did visit it today though and approved.

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