Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Progress

We have a great yard for a vegetable garden! Everything is growing like crazy! In fact it has completely outgrown the garden we built. We'll definitely be doubling it in size next year.. maybe even tripling! 
The tomatoes are a little squished, but that hasn't stopped them from growing!
The strawberries are completely hidden by everything else. The broccoli grew out of control! My dad has never had broccoli this big before! Must be all that direct sunlight all day long.
We have two pretty big yellow squash so far..
And we have so many cucumbers I lost count.. Some are tiny, others are pretty big already!
We don't have any green beans yet, but the plant is growing out of control! It has wound its way around the pole we gave it, plus all of the tomato cages! Pretty soon we think it'll attach itself to the pine tree!
I think in a month or so we'll be overwhelmed with vegetables :-D

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