Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A client of mine recommended Sears Outlet for appliances. He knew we were on a majorly tight budget, and as long as we didn't mind a scratch or two, we'd get great deals here. I never knew this place existing, but I'm glad I do now. It's a huge warehouse filled with refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, washers and dryers, just to name a few! It was crazy! We had to restrict ourselves to the range area so we wouldn't buy all of the other appliances we eventually need! 

I knew I wanted a glass top electric stainless steel range. 5 burners would be a plus. I found a couple contenders, so similar it was almost impossible to tell the difference between them. And then I went around the corner and found the perfect range.
Love Love Love! It's a Kenmore 9290... Convection oven, warming drawer, 5 burners, one burner is a Turbo boil, one can be a warming burner, and another can vary in size from small to mega big. It has tons of special features such as oven lock-out, self cleaning (don't they basically all now?), and something called Air-Guard, which can either lock in smells or allow them to freely scent your Kitchen. Ryan doesn't really get this one... why would you be cooking something that smelled bad? But I still think it's cool. A couple features I really like are the convection convert (I enter the temperature as I would on a conventional oven and it converts it to a proper convection oven temp), the updated temperature as the oven heats up (I do miss my old oven's countdown though), and the very large oven, with an extra shelf on the bottom (it can fit 4 1/2 (the 1/2 is a small shelf that goes on top of another) shelves, and according to the manual, can bake approximately 100 cookies at a time! And everything I bake comes out perfect! And boiling water on the cooktop doesn't spill over the top of the pot. It's the little things that make me happy these days :)

And thanks to Sears Outlet, we got this amazing range for half the price we would have paid in a Sears store. And the only things wrong with it are 2 scratches on the side that are hidden by the countertop. Sweet :)

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