Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our New Heating System

On Monday our new furnace was installed. And tonight I finally got around to getting some pictures.

The day started off with the arrival of 5... count them.... 5 Valley Oil trucks. Three in one driveway, one in the street, and one in the other driveway. We were considered an emergency case, so they wanted to make sure to get it done as efficiently as possible.
They started in the Kitchen, with the big monster of a radiator. R made the mistake of asking the guys if they'd put it in the basement. Apparently he got the dirtiest look and a big fat NO WAY JOSE. It is currently residing in our garage. Apparently the thing weighs over 500 lbs! Here's a picture of it a couple months ago... the pictures do not do it justice. It was massive! But it wasn't anything pretty (like those detailed pretty old radiators you see in some houses), so I felt no pain about getting rid of it.
The radiator came out from the wall approximately 15", but with it gone the room seems so much bigger! I can't wait to get our table in there to finish off the space! With the radiator gone we can now also access the old insulation in the wall behind it, so we can replace it all.
They then moved upstairs to my office. The radiator in that room wasn't very big, but it was leaking. Really leaking! We've had a little cup underneath one of the pipes since we bought the house, and we have to empty it every day or every other day. And if you get forgetful, it overflows onto the floor. Uncool. Another problem with the radiator is that it is very close to the wall, so it was impossible to remove the grass wallpaper from behind it. We apparently weren't the only people with this problem.. Whoever installed the grass wallpaper wasn't able to remove the old brown flowered wallpaper behind there either. So it's just a beautiful mess.
Right now, I'm most excited about having the radiator out of the office. It took me FOREVER to finish this room, and I had this small little area driving me crazy because I couldn't finish it until the radiator was gone. It felt so good to get that wallpaper down and finish painting. I still have to paint the pipes and a little bit of trim near the pipes white, though that might wait until the Spring or Summer when the heat is turned off.

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