Monday, November 15, 2010

Kitchen Faucet - Installed

And here is the Kitchen faucet reveal. It looks even better than I imagined. The color and style fits perfectly with the rest of the house, but still has wonderful modern (well, modern compared to 200 years ago) features such as the sturdy sprayer and 180 degree turn radius of the faucet. If I had to give one complaint about the faucet it would be that it is slightly too high. I like it being so high, because it's perfect for washing large pots, cookie sheets, platters, etc, but when washing smaller things it does cause a lot of splashing. I'm messy in the Kitchen, and that includes washing dishes, so I'm used to the front of my shirt getting wet when I'm cleaning up, but I'm finding that this faucet splashes more than others. The sink isn't deeper than usual (it's 9" deep I believe), so if the faucet was maybe 1 or 2 inches shorter, it would have been perfect. But... I'm not complaining. Like I said, it'll be nice to be able to wash things without having to struggle with the faucet being in the way!

We're having a hard time adjusting to there being running water in the Kitchen. We keep finding ourselves walking to the bathroom to rinse a dish or our hands. After all, we've been in the house for 3 1/2 months now without any use of a Kitchen sink.

The Kitchen is really starting to come together and I'm 100% pleased so far! Hopefully it'll be ready in time for Christmas cookie baking!!

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