Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kitchen Faucet

I haven't uploaded any new pictures of the half-complete Kitchen yet because it's so dark when I get home and the pictures just don't do the room justice. The best time of day in that part of the house is in the morning... it's just overflowing with sunlight. So the pictures will just have to wait until a weekend.

Because I'm so excited about my new Kitchen, each day until then I'll share with you a part of my Kitchen. Today, it's the faucet.

The house has most of it's original door hardware, which is black. To match this, any new hardware we're adding is oil-rubbed bronze (ORB), which I just happen to love.  The new deadbolt and door knob in the Kitchen is oil-rubbed bronze, and I decided that the cabinet hardware will also be ORB. So when it came to looking at faucets, anything else just didn't look right. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a reasonably priced ORB Kitchen faucet!

I found some at Home Depot and Lowe's that I really liked by Price Pfister. They were very simple, ORB, and had good prices. This one is the Avalon.
I had never heard of Price Pfister before, so I wanted to do some research on them. Couldn't come up with ONE GOOD REVIEW! They all said that they were cheaply made, broke all the time, the soap dispenser never worked, the sprayer has no pressure, it leaks constantly, etc. etc. etc. No way I'm spending $180 for a faucet in a brand new Kitchen that would break after using it once! But I did really like the color, and the option of a soap dispenser.

Long story short... couldn't find another reasonably priced colonial-looking ORB faucet with a pull-out spray or soap dispenser. But I did find this faucet both on the Home Depot website and Amazon. They didn't sell it in stores, which was a little upsetting because I like to see it in person and play with it before purchasing. But, we needed a faucet, so I bought it from Amazon for $125. This faucet is the Glacier Bay Lyndhurst Bridge.
The faucet arrived a couple days later via UPS. The box it was packaged in had the faucet laying down, in hardly any packaging (there was a plastic bottom shell it laid in, and the faucet itself was in a plastic bag). The box was completely beat up... holes, dents, tears, stains. Half a roll of packing tape had been wrapped around one half of the box, as if to repair these beatings. It took me 15 minutes to just get the box open. The faucet looked great! But as soon as I took it out of the box to show R I realized that the bottom piece of each base was cracked and broken. I was heartbroken. I couldn't install a broken faucet! And the granite company needed the faucet the following day for templating, so I couldn't even send it back!

R convinced me to give the broken faucet to the granite installer, telling them that it was being returned because it was broken. Then I ordered a new faucet from Home Depot this time, so that if it also arrived broken we could at least return it to the store easily. The faucet from HD arrived a couple days later in great shape. HD had the small white box inside a large thick cardboard box, which was delivered via FedEx in perfect condition. Kudos to HD on their great packing job! And on top of it all, I had $75 worth of HD gift cards, so the faucet only cost me approximately $58 including shipping!

It's no easy task to return a faucet to Amazon though... I have 2 options. I can return it myself and pay for shipping or I can request Amazon to set up a UPS pick-up. But it has to be picked up where it was delivered... so I can't have it picked up at work, where I am all day. It's a big pain in the butt... so the faucet is still sitting in our Living Room, waiting for deliberation.

I'm so glad I read those bad Price Pfister reviews... otherwise I would have bought/installed a faucet that didn't look nearly as nice as the one I ended up getting and was more than $50 more expensive.

Here's the specifics on the Kitchen Faucet:

Manufacturer: Glacier Bay
Retailer: Home Depot
Model: Lyndhurst Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray
Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze
Price: $123
Review: Looks and works great! This faucet adds a perfect blend of colonial and modern aspects to our Kitchen. It was very simple to install. The faucet is raised very high, which is great for filling pots and washing large dishes, and also turns 180 degrees, which is great with a large sink. The sprayer has great pressure, and is not cheap at all! It is very heavy (both a good and bad thing), so I have no worries that it'll break or wear down over the years. I would definitely recommend this faucet. Gives the looks and feel of a very expensive faucet, without the high price tag. 

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