Monday, December 27, 2010

Tearin' Up My... Floor

One of our Christmas gifts from my mom is an oscillating tool to tear up the remaining linoleum in the Kitchen. It's a small electrical tool with different attachments for things such as cutting wood floors, tearing up vinyl/linoleum, and sanding. The one we were interested in is about 3" wide, and slightly curved. When turned on, it vibrates back and forth, pulling up the linoleum.
It works like magic! This is the floor that I spent two full days on over the summer. I was sweating like crazy, working as hard as I could, and after two days I got up about 6 square feet of the stuff... and that was only the top layer! The adhesive was still stuck to the plywood in most places! And since then, we've been living with a disgusting floor that is two different kinds of linoleum, plywood, and nasty white-ish adhesive.

I spent about 5 hours today using our new magical tool. I kept having to take breaks though because it is extremely loud (making my ears right) and vibrates a lot (my hands were shaking). But I got up all of the leftover adhesive in front of the fireplace, plus most of the linoleum and adhesive in front of the windows, hutch and stairs. I was so proud of myself! As tired as I am, I can't wait to get back at it tomorrow! Despite the horrible aches and pains I have from having to crouch on the floor for 5 hours..

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  1. We've begun remodeling our house recently, and we started with the kitchen floors. We've also used that awesome tool, and it's definitely magic. It finishes the job in no time at all.