Monday, August 16, 2010

Painting the Master Bedroom

Originally we weren't going to paint the Master Bedroom right away. There are so many other things that need to get done in the house that seemed to take priority over it. The room was pretty clean, and appeared to have been painted in at least the last 30 years (whereas there are some rooms in the house that haven't been touched in over 60 years). And I didn't hate the paint color. It was a greenish-brownish color, which doesn't match our black furniture and blue comforter and pillows, but hey, priorities. 
A fresh coat of paint never hurt anyone. Since there aren't any other repairs or any other work that needs to get done in the room, Ryan suggested freshening up the room with one coat of paint, just to give it that finished look. So this afternoon my dad and I painted the walls. We really should have gone and gotten white paint for the ceiling and trim first, but it was one of those "let's do it now" moments and we just got right to work and regretted it after. The white trim in the above pictures didn't look so white when we were done. We painted the walls blue, the only reason being that we had free paint. When we painted our apartment when we moved in we used an online paint calculator that was way way off. So we bought 2 gallons of paint and only used half of one. It didn't photograph well though.. it looks really bright and obnoxious in these pictures. I swear it really isn't!
So now all we have left is to paint the ceiling and trim, paint the PINK radiator, repair some holes/cracks in the closets and clean the floor. And we have a bedroom ready to move into!

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