Sunday, August 15, 2010

Doing Some Exterior Work

This weekend Ryan's parents came down to help out. My job was to tackle the bushes that were taking over the front of the house.
What's the point of having a beautiful house with tons of windows if no one can see it and you can't see out of it?

Those bushes were not easy to cut down. They had been allowed to grow without any maintenance for so long that their trunks (is that what it's called on a bush?) were as wide as a small tree. We had to go buy a new saw! The thickest of the trunks was 4 or 5 inches wide! We even found a small maple tree growing in between the ones on the right of the house... I felt bad cutting that down, so in the spring we'll attempt to relocate it to the backyard somewhere. 
While it looks a lot better than it did, I'm not 100% pleased. We can see out our windows and the house doesn't look unloved, but the bushes were so tall, that cutting them back resulted in revealing what is basically the insides of the plant. If you look out our Living Room or Dining Room windows at them, all you see is a mess of branches. Yuck. We've gotten mixed responses on whether or not they will grow in, and cover this up, but I'm not sold. I have a feeling that come spring (which is when we'll be moving outdoors and doing some landscaping), I'll be digging these up and planting something much smaller.

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