Thursday, June 2, 2011

Craigslist Finds

Since we bought the house I have been searching through Craigslist every couple days... looking for antiques or other old items that would fit in the house, or maybe some cheap furniture I could restore. My first find happened the day before we closed on the house. I found the coffee table that matches our Living Room set (which Ikea discontinued). When we moved into our apartment I bought a Markor bookcase, 1 end table and the TV stand. Without any notice, Ikea discontinued the series.. one day it was there, the next, gone. I was pretty upset because I was planning on buying more bookcases, the coffee table and 1 more end table once we moved. They're traditional looking and made of real wood, not particleboard, like some Ikea stuff.

Anyways.. I found the coffee table listed for $100. I got it for $75. It was originally $225 I believe. And it was in perfect condition... I love it! It has a drawer in front, which is awesome for storing random stuff.
(Not my picture)
My next great Craigslist find was this past weekend. Sunday night I was bored and was playing around on Craigslist while R was watching the Bruins game. I like looking through the "Free" section.. it's amazing what some people try to pass off on other people for free. I found a listing for a free sheet of drywall. In our town. The ad was about a week and a half old, but I emailed the guy just in case. I heard back from him the next morning (Memorial Day). Turns out it was still available. My dad's friend was already at our house letting us use his big pickup truck and he didn't mind making one more little side trip. Best part? Turns out Mr. Free Drywall lives on our street!! PERFECT! And the drywall is almost enough for the little project in the Kitchen (We've decided to drywall over the wood posts in the Kitchen that are destroyed). YAY! And the sheet is in pretty good condition too. Score one for Craigslist!

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