Sunday, April 10, 2011

Painting the Laundry Room

Every time I'm in our local Lowe's I check out their clearance section. So far, I've bought two cans of paint there. Both cans are premium Valspar brand paint... originally $35, on sale for $5. One of these I decided to use for the upstairs back hall (the other one is a yellow I'm planning on using in the Kitchen).

I started by filling in holes and sanding the walls (the paper left behind a weird, rough texture), then moved on to the trim and doors. I painted the trim and doors the same white I've been painting the rest of the trim/doors in the house. I love how white trim instantly cleans up a room! I also find that it accentuates the detailing in the trim (especially in some of the intricate crown molding we have in some rooms) much better than the dirty cream color did.

The walls and trim took about 2 coats of paint each. At first I wasn't too sure about the color on the walls. I'm not a "brown" person. I don't like brown clothes or brown walls. But this brown (it's called Moose Mousse) works for me. It makes the room look sophisticated, if you can call a Laundry Room sophisticated.
The hardest part of the room was the wall cabinet. It took a couple coats of paint and took longer to dry. But I did find about 6 bottles of body wash (unopened.. still in their gift packaging) and a really nice winter/Christmas hand soap set from Bath and Body Works. Looks like someone received all of these as Christmas gifts and just left them in the cabinet; either didn't want them, or forgot about them. And the best part? I also found a $20 Borders gift card tucked into one of the gift bags. It looked like whoever received it never even noticed it was there! Yay for free books!!


  1. Wow, this house comes with all sorts of surprises!

  2. It was awesome! I used the Borders gift card the next day at their going out of business sale!

    There was also a really pretty basket that some of the body wash was packaged in.