Sunday, October 17, 2010

Second Floor Bathroom

Our Second Floor Bathroom was scary! It had a moldy, constantly wet yellow (or at least it was yellow at some point in it's long life) carpet (yes, carpet), yellow sinks, mustard yellow wallpaper, and lime green countertops. And a yellow tiled shower, which was almost black with mold. There was mold all over the ceiling and plaster walls (underneath the wallpaper) as well. The faucets had clearly over lived their life expectancy. One of them was missing a drain (it was just a hole in the sink) and leaked no matter how tight you turned the handle. This picture was taken during our first walk-through, back in May. Everything you see there (including the wet, dirty towels and other disgusting personal items underneath the sink, and the full garbage barrel) was left by the sellers for us.
And this is the mold underneath the wallpaper.
The bathroom currently shares a space with the washer and dryer. The room was split in two by a previous owner, and you have to walk through the laundry area to get to the bathroom. When we eventually put on a Garage/Master Suite addition, the laundry will be moved to the other side of the house and this whole space will be bathroom. For this reason, we didn't want to spend a lot of money on the bathroom. In fact, we weren't even planning on using it. Ever. We'd just close the door and ignore it until time came to demo it.

But, nothing ever goes according to plan. The night we moved in, we discovered that the downstairs shower didn't work. So for the first month or so, we would shower in the nastiness that is this shower (no amount of bleach or cleaning could get rid of all of the black mold) and then use the sink and toilet in the downstairs bathroom. It was a huge pain! The carpet would squish under your feet, we had to bring in a free-standing lamp to light the shower area, and the countertop was unusable because it was my paint station, and was covered in painting supplies and dried paint (like I said, we weren't planning on using it, so it was a good place to wash brushes!).

So when a one day weekend presented itself to us, what better to do than tackle this bathroom and make it at least usable!

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