Friday, July 30, 2010

Day One... of the rest of our lives

Today we closed. Because the closing was right smack in the middle of the day, we took the whole day off from work. We spent the afternoon doing your typical post-closing activities... changing the locks, cleaning out some of the garbage/stuff left behind, and just walking around in awe that it was actually ours.

We met with the seller about a month before closing so that we could discuss what we wanted left in the house. Which was a waste of time. He was suppose to leave everything that was in the attic, as well as some pieces of furniture on the first floor. The main things we were interested in were an antique spinning wheel from the mid-1700's and an army foot locker from World War I. Gone and gone. He was also suppose to leave the kitchen table, which wasn't a nice table by far, but it was at least something to hold us over until we got our own table. Gone.

But in their place he did leave a bathroom full of wet, dirty towels, cabinets full of old food and dishes, and a couple garbage cans full of garbage. Luckily he also left a Dumpster, which we took complete advantage of! We also did a little Dumpster diving, and "rescued" some antique wooden skis, an old wooden sled, some drywall tape, old glass bottles, and books, among other things.

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  1. I'm still overly disgusted by the missing spinning wheel. Would have been beautiful sitting in its original house where the owners used it.