Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Week in the Eighteenth Century.. Day 5

Day 5. Everyone in the state is complaining like crazy, but I'm still having fun. Madison has been sleeping in our bed with us, smack dab in the middle of us, for the whole night. She's so small I worry about her being too cold. So she's been spoiled all week... big bed... going to grandma's house everyday... everyone paying lots of attention to her!

When we drove up to my parent's house this morning she was excited, but not near as excited as usual (I guess the fun is starting to wear off). Despite the heat and electricity, I still plopped myself down in the living room on the floor. Only this time I had my laptop and cell phone charging next to me.

Before we both left this morning, we cleaned our refrigerator and freezer. It was killing me, the quintessential Yankee, to throw away all of that "good" food. Ugh. And of course R had stopped at the store on Friday night to get a couple things we'd been out of all week.. orange juice, butter, milk. All of which I had to throw away, completely unused.
Freezer before (please excuse my messy freezer that needed to be cleaned out before the storm!)
Freezer after (with the ice cream for the party)
I didn't do a refrigerator "before" picture... but here it is after. By the way... what do you think about condiments? We had 5 days without power... some websites say they're ok, some say to throw them away... I threw away all creamy dressings and marinades, but kept stuff like ketchup, bbq sauce, steak sauce, etc.
Fridge after (basically everything not on the door is all new, for the party)
Again, trying to be optimistic, my fridge and freezer really did need to be cleaned out. I hadn't cleaned it out since we moved in, so the last time it was cleaned/purged was a year ago. It was due. I just wish we didn't have to throw away so much good food. I also wish all the ice pops on the freezer door didn't melt and create a sticky mess all over everything...
This was empty before I cleaned out the fridge. I filled it up with all of the plastic/glass bottles full of stuff I had to throw away!
Around 6:00, I was on facebook, waiting for R to get to my parent's house, when I saw that one of our neighbors posted that our village was back in the 21st century! The entire village had been out for 5 days.. even stoplights (and let me tell you... that was a disaster! If a stoplight isn't working, the intersection becomes a four way stop people. You can not just speed through the intersection going 90!) I called our house, and the phone rang, meaning that she was right! R stopped by on his way home and took this picture, to "prove" it.
My poor cornstalk just did not make it :(

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  1. Just happened on this blog by chance - doing some research in preparation for our genealogical trip to CT in the spring. I am a direct descendant of Stephen Wilcox. His son Isaac moved to Stow/Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio where I'm still living. I never even imagined that a house would still be standing that one of my ancestors built and lived in.
    I can't wait to share this blog with my family! If you spot someone driving by and taking a billion photos next year - its just me :)

    Jeri Wilcox Holland